Tali vs Fourward - Facing Forwards [APORN013]
Tali vs Fourward - Facing Forwards [APORN013]

MC, songwriter, global superstar and one of only a handful of female artists to take on the male dominated world of drum and bass and not only win respect but to continue to carve a path for the next wave of female artists, Tali is an inspirational innovator whose live performances and incredible body of recorded works mark her out as one the most original and exciting talents in dance music today.

‘Facing Forwards’ / ‘Who Can Say’ is the second single to be taken from Tali’s hotly anticipated forthcoming second album ‘Dark Days, High Nights’ which features collaborations with Benny Page, Dirtyphonics, Shimon, SKisM, Ed Rush, Atlantic Connection, and Lynx to name but a few. The album is released on Shimon’s (of Ram Trilogy fame) much hyped new label AudioPorn, which after little over 10 releases, has become one of the most talked about labels in drum and bass, dubstep and beyond with releases from the likes of Camo & Krooked, Dirtyphonics, Xilent, Shimon, Ram Trilogy and of course Tali herself.

Having switched to lower tempos with the first single to be taken from the album - the massive ‘Dark Days’ (a collaboration with Ed Rush), and the bassline bomb of the Dirtyphonics collaboration ‘Lost In The Game’, Tali is back in more familiar drum and bass territory with two of the most incredible tracks in her career to date. When it comes to lyrical brilliance, along with her world beating flow and soaring vocals, alongside working with some of the biggest and most exciting producers in dance, Tali is unbeatable, and on this new single she comes out fighting. For all those pretenders to the throne, now is the time for Tali to reclaim her crown. With this new single and album, the first lady of the mic is back and ready to do the business once again.

Available on download and limited edition vinyl from 22nd August this is the second single to be released from the new album, which will be released in the Autumn 2011.

Tali vs Fourward - Facing Forwards by AudioPorn Records

‘Facing Forwards’ (produced by Fourward)
Back within the bpm that made her name, ‘Facing Forwards’ is the first drum and bass track to be taken from Tali’s stunning new album. This track is a masterclass in the vocal style that many have tried to imitate but none have matched, let alone bettered. ‘Facing Forwards’ showcases the flow and vocal cadence that only a true world-beating club MC can produce. However where others stick to the lyrical battering necessary when in the clubs, Tali fuses her club style with a hook laden songwriting craft and lyrical honesty that produces a reflective, positive and equal parts rolling smasher that will win over feet, hearts and minds on the dance floor, and on headphones across drum and bass and beyond. The track is produced by drum and bass outfit Fourward who alongside D.Kay, DisasZt, Camo & Krooked and Body & Soul have turned Austria into one of the most vibrant and creative scenes in the world.

Tali vs Lynx - Who Can Say by AudioPorn Records

‘Who Can Say’ feat. DRS (produced by Lynx & Malibu Rhodes)
‘Who Can Say’ brings together somewhat of a supergroup for those who love the deeper side of drum and bass. Lynx has consistently been one of the most genre pushing producers in drum and bass for some time, with a raft of releases on the biggest drum and bass labels such as Shy FX’s Digital Soundboy, Fabio’s Creative Source, DJ Zinc’s Bingo and Doc Scott’s 31 Records, and here produces alongside frequent collaborator Malibu Rhodes. Completing the triplet of guests on the track is the legend that is MC DRS, who through his work on Good Looking and with LTJ Bukem, both live and on record, has helped to shape the drum and bass scene as it is today. The track itself harks back to the early days of Bristol, with nods back to the Full Cycle camp (the label who gave Tali her first break) and echoes of Reprazent’s stripped back drums and cinematic sounds allied to soulful vocals and dubbed out bass.TALI

A: Tali vs. Fourward - ‘Facing Forwards’
B: Tali vs. Lynx & Malibu Rhodes feat. DRS - ‘Who Can Say’
Label: AudioPorn Records
Cat no: APORN013

Format: 12’’ vinyl and download
AudioPorn/Beatport Exclusive: 8th August 2011
Full Release: 22nd August 2011



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